Guangzhou Huadu police comprehensively promote the construction of legal personnel

This is Huadu police stationed in the legal system to assist the grassroots handling units to detect the results obtained
Southern News reporter Xie Lianghui Ma Qiang correspondent Huagong Xuan Gong Xuan Recently, Guangzhou Huadu Shiling town "black clinic" almost disappeared. According to Huadu District Deputy Mayor, District Public Security Bureau Director Liu Shaotang introduced, this is Huadu police stationed in the legal system to assist the grassroots handling units to detect the results obtained. Today, Guangzhou Huadu Shiling police station stationed in the work experience of the staff by the Provincial Public Security Bureau and praised in the province; Interpol brigade was awarded the "Ministry of Public Security Law Enforcement Unit" title; in Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau to carry out the 2014 law enforcement Quality assessment, the Huadu Branch to 94.99 points (the city's highest performance in law enforcement evaluation results) ranked first at the end of the year. Legal practitioners, in fact, as law enforcement case handling of the "quality inspectors", they are responsible for legal review, quality evaluation, supervision and law enforcement, to help solve the investigation and other important tasks. Huadu District Public Security Bureau from the legal theory of knowledge, language skills, handling experience and operational capacity, case analysis and other aspects of the test, in the whole branch within the scope of the selection of 22 outstanding police officers stationed at the grassroots level. Legalists from the police early check the evidence, apply the law, the people involved and the handling of things, to take coercive measures and other links at all levels of inspection and supervision, handling every aspect of the implementation of real-time synchronization of supervision, so that law enforcement supervision, Ahead of the mark forward, effectively reducing the possibility of errors and omissions, but also the first time to answer the grassroots handling units in the work of the doubt, reducing the grass-roots units of the handling time and energy costs, improve the efficiency of the entire branch of the case, The level of handling the case.

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